Upcoming moment of truth, on the wave solder machine.

The last functional issue has been fixed on the wave solder machine, and all sub-systems now test out as functional. So I have proceeded to order the last supply I needed, solder flux. I am in the last stages of refurbishing the machine, and about to start the process of putting it into service.

A year and a half of difficult work is nearing completion. If things track as they have been, this is going to mean a significant increase in capabilities for me. I’ll be able to deal with more complex designs, I’ll be able to speed up production of existing designs. I’ll be able to create larger designs. This is going to be awesome!

And, speaking of new designs, how about a sneak peek on something that should be available in the next few days….


Bally / Stern LED adapters available to order

Test samples went well, so I’ve released the Bally / Stern LED adapter for sale. I’ve also put the bare boards up for sale as well for those who want to source their own parts. Right now I am still hand assembling these, and have a limited number of boards in stock to assemble, but will order parts and boards as needed to keep up with orders. There just may be some shipping delays while I work to catch up on the initial rush.


The only thing is that the connectors I have on hand don’t fit later Stern LDA-100 Rev B and LDA-100 Rev C boards. The next time I make a parts order I will be sourcing the correct connectors for those Stern boards too, and will be adding a drop-down to select which connector style you need.

Bally / Stern assembled LED adapter kits

Bally / Stern LED adapters bare boards

As a very generous member of the PinSide forum has done a great writeup and instruction sheet, for the time being I am linking to his thread in place of developing instructions in the short term.

Writeup and instructions for Bally / Stern LED adapters