New version drop slider boards

Been another growing request from customers, and these were always a good seller, so I have wanted to also do a fresh run of drop target slider boards for a while. The bigger problem I had was that the original files were lost (I’m sure you’ve heard me say that before, I lost a bunch somewhere along the line). There were also some changes I wanted to do, and honestly I just really knew I could do a better board for my customers.

So, here is the design for Rev 2.0, ready to go to the board house after a final review. I will have these by MGC at the very latest, probably showing up in the store sometime in February or March.


Hard to tell from a design file, but there’s some big changes from the previous run. Some based on customer requests, some based on cleaning up the design and layout, some based on my need to move forward with newer technology. So, why not do a change log?

Changes from Rev 1.0 to Rev 2.0
-Made board length match factory originals, some customers reported boards being too long.
-Tweaked dimensions of tab and notch, to better make these fit mixed with factory originals.
-Replaced thru-hole diodes with surface mount equivalents.
-Replaced thru-hole resistors with surface mount equivalents, small enough to use intentional solder bridges in place of zero-ohm resistors.
-Improved hole and pad dimensions for wire mounting.
-Moved location of silkscreening to improve readability.
-Adding solder mask to the non-slider side.

I’ve got a couple weeks until the order goes in for more boards, so now is the time to let me know about any additional suggestions. Just let me know.