Bulking up inventory for MGC.

Once again, the Midwest Gaming Classic has me taking a close look at inventory levels. I’m in decent shape, but a few items could use some additional stockpiling. Right now I only have a couple Bally/Stern LED adapters built up, and am getting pretty low on lamp matrix and solenoid testers.

Since I needed to order diodes anyway for the new drop target sliders, I’ve gone ahead and ordered all the parts I know I’ll be needing to get inventory back up to needed levels.

Not as bad as last year when I ran out of connectors and two types of bare boards, and had to spend a lot of money getting them all at the same time.

Tool Score! Inline dryer

A bit of an oddball tool score, but I recently acquired a DEK / Universal model 1209 inline mini dryer.


I’m not 100% sure of the original use, but I know they are sometimes used in silkscreening and also circuit board manufacturing. If I can get it operational in time, I’ll be using it to apply heat-cured epoxy under the SMT diodes on the new drop target slider boards. Unlike the wave solder machine (which still isn’t in use yet), this should be a quick and easy job to get it operational. All I need to do is install a 240v socket.

I don’t see this being a machine I’ll have a lot of demand for, but the price was right and it’s in very good condition.

New drop target sliders are ordered.

Yeah, I’m late on these, but the new drop target slider boards have been ordered from the board house. I’m also getting the new style diodes ordered within the next day or so too. Pricing has gone up a bit, these will be running at $5.00 per board MSRP. Dealer inquiries welcome.

I’m hoping to have them live for sale by April 2nd, (I never put anything up on April 1st, nobody takes it serious).

I am tired, and apparently so is my website.

First things first, I’ve been having some slowdown issues the past week or so with the website and my e-mail. Still sorting it all out, but everything appears to be working right now. So I must apologize for any issues that may be causing. Hopefully we’re past that now and back to normal operation.

Secondly… I’m a bit worn out. Regular work has been hectic, and I’ve been dealing with some other priorities. So I haven’t had any chance to order the new slider boards yet. I’m hoping to get the details finished up this week and the boards ordered soon.

I also have an equipment score to gloat about. When I get the energy.