Holy cow, am I swamped!

2015 is turning out to be a fantastic year, and I am very humbled by your continued support of my little escapade in the pinball world. As it turns out, I am again having a bit of trouble keeping up with things. So here’s a quick rundown of temporary shortages that you might bump into.

DB-06-010 Diagnostic Switch Inputs – Temporarily sold out. I have boards, but am out of some parts, which should be here in a couple days. This will be a very short term outage.

DB-03-011 Switch Matrix Inputs – Temporarily out of stock on assembled system 3-11 packaged, and down to a single WPC packaged tester. But I do have plenty of parts on hand for these, and can assemble as needed to keep shipping. Though I think I’ve mentioned how much I hate assembling these, they kill my thumbs. Either way, nothing stopping supply to customers.

MB-07-010 Bally / Stern LED adapters – Completely sold out, and no boards or parts on hand. I’m finalizing the files for the next run, which I should be ordering boards for tomorrow. Expect them to be available again in about 3 weeks, MSRP will be un-changed when the new boards arrive.

DB-04-011 Special Solenoid Inputs – Back in stock now, just did another batch of 25 pieces.

DB-01-012 Lamp Matrix Boards – Stock is low for both WPC and System 3-11 sets. I just ordered more LED blocks, so hopefully I won’t have an interruption here.

Firepower EPROM adapters – Assembling as I have time, about 25 pieces are built. Just waiting on EPROM’s so I can start selling.

Also, I’m going to start prototyping my next tester design, which I think is going to be a valuable one to have for you WPC guys. Another one born out of frustration trying to diagnose a problem for a local customer. But you won’t know what it is until it’s ready to ship.

Firepower EPROM adapters, they are coming!

Yesterday, the parts started rolling in for the Firepower EPROM adapters. The boards themselves, and the packaging, should be here tomorrow. I’m still sorting out the EPROM’s themselves. Once that’s done I can get the updated licensing agreement details hammered out. Either way, assembly starts on Monday.

Once these are done being assembled, I’m going to get back to the Bally/Stern LED adapters. I am going to finish up the remaining little bits of un-assembled sets, and have put them down to a clearance prices to empty out existing stock. Then I’ll work on the next revision boards for these and the next run. Next run will have a bit higher MSRP, and I will not be offering them again at the clearance price for any future sales.


Ok, Ok, Ok, I get the hint.

I’ve been getting a fair number of folks contacting me the past couple of months regarding my Firepower EPROM adapters. Well, a man can (eventually) take a hint. I’ll be ordering more boards this week, and starting to source parts. I don’t yet know pricing on this run, nor quantities available on the initial build. I’m also going to build exactly the same as the first run, other than substituting a different brand of EPROM chip.

I’m not a pre-order kinda guy, as I don’t mind risking my own money, but don’t care to risk that of customers. But if you’re going to order for sure, please e-mail me at hans@siegecraft.us and I will give you first crack at them before they go live on the website. No payment needed until they are ready to ship.