The continued backlog, and upcoming price increases

Ok, still massively backlogged here. All the parts are here for the Firepower EPROM adapters, including the EPROM’s themselves. I just need to get the licensing finalized before I can start selling them. I have a fair amount assembled already too, but don’t know yet what my obligations will be, so there may be a bit of a backlog once I open them up for sale.

Bally/Stern EPROM adapters are just about ready to go live again. I have all the parts I need, and am actively assembling them. I just need to fulfill a wholesale obligation first, and I want to do up a proper instruction sheet this time around. Announcement will be coming very soon regarding the updates to this batch, plus availability.

Everything else I am either building as I go for the most part. Plenty of parts, just not much assembled.

Now, as to price increases.

In about a month I’ll be increasing the price on the lamp and switch matrix testers. Not all bad news though, the difference is that I just dropped a grand on an automated wire machine that will pre-cut and strip the wiring segments for you. So instead of about 10ft of wire, you’ll be getting pre-cut and pre-stripped lengths. This will make your lives a lot easier when it comes to assembling the wire harnesses. I can’t swing an automated crimping machine yet, so you’ll still need to crimp and assemble. I’ll start looking into a crimping machine too, but unless I get a great deal from nearby… it may be a while. I don’t know yet what the increase will be, but not too much.

I am also starting to run a bit low on the bench displays. When I do the next assembly batch, I’ll also be doing the same with the pre-cut wiring. But given how slow they sell, it will be a while. I’ll sort out the existing units in regards to wire when all the rest of my backlog is caught up.

Enough chatter, I have to get back to work.