Anticipated 2016 price changes

That time of year, and time for the bad news, price changes. I don’t know for sure which items are going to change, but as I increase the number of re-sellers of product, I am going to have to look again at pricing on a number of items. As a fair warning, I know a couple items will likely increase in price within the next month or so. I just don’t know exactly which ones or by how much.

Many of these items, particularly older designs, I haven’t reviewed pricing in quite a while. It’s only made the problem worse that I’ve been very bad at managing a consistent bill of material listing. So as I have to do a significant restock, or a re-seller requests an item I previously hadn’t been ready to deal with wholesale, I’ll need to create this BOM’s. So while I do this I’ll be adding every part, baggie, label, and box that makes up the final shipped product. This will give me my cost, and that determines pricing both for wholesale and retail.

I’m not anticipating any huge increases, but don’t be surprised if some of the cheaper stuff goes up a bit this year.