2015, The Year In Review

Well, I just finished all the 2015 math, and it’s a very happy bit of math. So I’m ready to do my annual review of 2015.

First things first, the Bally/Stern LED adapters have been a huge success, and have driven much of 2015. By the end 2015 I’d done about 250 sets total since they went into production, and I currently have another PCB run of 200 that just arrived … and is 15% sold already. Guys and Gals, thank you, I really appreciate every sale.

Which led me to be able to do one of my big things I’ve wanted to do since early in the run of the company. I finally bought my automated wire cutter and semi-automated crimper. This is to give back to you, the customers, with a better product. No more having to cut and crimp your own harnesses, I am doing that now. It gives me great crimps and a lower materials cost, which offsets the equipment purchase and labor time. Win all around.

So that mainly leaves the financials. Total sales for 2015 were $11,610, which was a 23% increase from my previous best year in 2014. I even managed to turn a profit again, as meager as it was, of about $400 for the year. Just flat-out awesome. Here’s to a great 2016 and beyond!

Time for that third run of LED adapters

Well, it’s been a busy December, and January is off with a hustle too. I have 4 sets of LED adapters left, and a wholesale order to fill, so the order is going in Monday morning for another run of PCB’s. At the same time, my 3D printer has been going non-stop all day to make parts for flipper opto testers on a completely separate wholesale order. This is a good problem to have. I’m already having to do re-orders of crimp contacts to feed the new crimping machine. That, and I really haven’t been able to increase my stock of ready inventory. Some orders are still warm from the soldering iron when they get dropped into the mailbox.

I’ve gone live with any price increases for the first half of 2016. A dollar increase on the solenoid and special solenoid testers. Another dollar on the diagnostic inputs. All other prices will be maintaining where they are. I’ve also cleaned up the storefront a bit, removing discontinued and sold-out items. Also updated the product pages to reflect new options for items with wiring harnesses, mainly splitting System 3-7 and System 9-11 into separate items. They may have had the same un-assembled wiring KIT, but the assembled harnesses are different. I’ll probably be adding another color of wire to the inventory to give another color coding option…. give me a day or two to get caught up on placing material orders.

Been doing all this with a three week old broken finger, and one of my monitors just died. I had a replacement laying around…. don’t like it. So that just has to last until I get some capacitors in to fix the old one.

Time to get back to work.