Need to do some more Diagnostic Inputs

Well, this is a day I didn’t ever expect. Time to do a second run for the System 3-11 diagnostic switch input boards. Tiny little things that have sold much better than I had ever hoped.

The bad news is … I can’t find the board files. Probably lost somewhere along the line along with a couple other designs I can’t find files for. So I’ll have to re-draw them from scratch. The good news is they are an extremely simple design. I also have a dozen pieces built up to sell, so that should last me for a couple months.

Now if only I could sell out of the switch boards and do a new run of those.

The last remnants of the old website are going away

I had to recently go back and look at some of my old web pages related to my Land Rover, and found something disturbing. There was a nasty re-direct that linked the site to one of those generic advertising link holding pages. Given how many old remnant pages are left on the server, I wonder how many could be affected. So I’ve decided to remove all the old content HTML pages, and associated images. This means all the scale models, project pages for Galaga, Black Knight, and WhiteWater. Basically if it’s not involved with a current project … it’s gone.

I know that people still look at those pages. But if they’re compromised and not working … it’s time for them to go.