Ok, getting caught up, and getting some cool new stuff moving again.

Now that the big rush to get to the show, and get caught up from the show, has finished …. it’s time to get rolling on overdue projects. So lots of updates here.

1. Prototypes for the Bally Aux Board LED adapters will be going out for testing soon. If they work, I’ll be doing one more interim PCB spin to confirm the most recent layout, then hopefully moving into production soon.

2. The good ‘ole Firepower EPROM adapters are back up for sale on the website, albeit only with blank EPROM’s for the time being, as I’m STILL sorting out the licensing.

3. New version of the early Williams diagnostic inputs are out for PCB production. Going to be making a big change on these, moving everything but the connector to surface mount parts. Should help me speed up production quite a lot.

4. I’m going to start changing over some packaging over the next couple months, moving away from the plain white boxes, and toward clamshell packaging. They look nicer, reduce both size and weight of outgoing packages, take up less storage space, and a bunch of other improvements. Not all items will see the new packaging right away, but quite a lot of them will.

Lots of irons in the fire at the moment. Trying to keep up the good momentum I’ve had the past few months.

So Tired, So Far Behind, So Low On Inventory.

Back from MGC, which was an absolute blast, and my most successful show yet. Did a lot of sales, made a lot of new friends, had some great discussions regarding the future of Siegecraft Electronics.

Now I have a bit of a problem…..

I am still selling stuff at a fantastic pace via the website, and have been all weekend. I’ve got a half dozen invoices in front of me I need to package up and ship. Some of them I can’t, as I sold out of assembled units, and don’t have enough parts on hand to make more. I’ll get them out as fast as I can, and for those I need parts to complete, I’ll get them on order ASAP. If your order will be delayed I will let you know via e-mail.

A bit of an edit on this. My shortages are turning out to be much worse than I thought. I’m low or out of stock on a lot of items right now.
This means I need to do a fairly large parts order, so it may be a day until I can get it all together. Plus I need to order PCB’s, and some oddball stuff I need to get from China (LED matrix blocks). I’ll be doing the best I can to keep things flowing, and I’ll keep you updated as needed. But it’s going to be a hectic month or so catching up.

A good problem. But still a problem.