Good news all around today

Two pieces of good news, one of which is a whole new class of products.

First things first though, I managed to have a discussion with my wire supplier, and it looks like I am able to keep prices under control for the harnesses. So for now I will be holding off on those price increases.

Second news, I have a vinyl cutter on the way. Assuming it works properly and I can figure it out, it means I’ll be starting to add some pinball related vinyl decals to the website. I have a few ideas to start with and will of course expand over time. I’ll also be doing various rocketry and car related stuff as well, so expect a big selection eventually. I won’t be getting into stencils, mylar, or WPC silkscreening though. Not the direction I want to go right now.

Beware, a couple price increases coming

Bad news, cost of wire has been steadily going up, and has risen about 20% or so since the last time I priced out the various testers that have wiring harnesses included. So in the near future I’ll be having to raise a few prices to compensate. It won’t be a huge increase thankfully, but it will be an increase. Expect it to kick in around July 1st or so.

This will affect the bench displays, lamp matrix testers, switch matrix testers, and the separately sold harnesses. I don’t expect it to affect any other products.