Pre-Production boards on order for Bally aux LED adapters


Big news, I’ve moved the long-delayed bally LED adapters for the aux boards into pre-production status. Prototypes functioned, but had some dimension issues, so they got a near complete redesign. I move to surface mount resistors in order to clear up some bottom-side interference with the SCR’s on the aux lamp board. This also made the board smaller overall, which will clear up most potential interference inside game machines. It also drastically simplified the issues I was having to make the board compatible with all three locations I need it to function. Then it simplified the bill of materials, and reduced overall cost of the PCB. It’s a win-win-win all around.

But there’s still ONE little spot that I need to make sure there’s no interference before I commit to a few hundred of these things. So I have a final 10 piece pre-production set on order now, should be here end of next week. These will go on sale for early adopters below my cost of manufacture.