Black Friday Sales Updates

I’d like to thank everybody who made purchases during Black Friday weekend. Once again I can call this sale a success.

I’ve had a few moments on the past year or so where I’ve fallen behind on shipments by a couple of days, and this weekend is no exception. In just three days, sales totals were about what I expected to see in a single month this year …. and more than I’ve seen during three month stretches a couple years back.
It will take me a few days to get caught up with orders I’m able to ship with the parts on-hand, and I did run out of a few parts needed as well.

So if you’ve ordered a Bench Display, -52 LED AUX adapter set, or 3D printed items, I’m doing my best to get everything shipped by December 1st. I need a few connectors and other parts here and there to complete these orders for everybody.