Buried under orders right now, working on it best I can

Well, this is bad timing, but I’m just plain swamped with orders again lately. Bad timing because I was JUST starting to get ramped up for the Midwest Gaming Classic too! I’m struggling just to keep boxes heading out the door right now much less increase inventory ahead of the show. However I am catching up and hope to have all my CURRENT retail orders shipped by the end of the weekend, and wholesale within a week.

This brings me up another problem, I’m running short on PCB’s right now for a number of products. While I’m doing my best to keep ahead of it there’s a chance a few products may have some short availability issues in the next month or so. This is mostly because as I re-order PCB’s I’m doing a comprehensive update to all the designs to convert over into surface mount formats when possible. The goal is to reduce assembly time and cost, to get profit margins up, so I can start paying down some of this business debt. I don’t see any price increases with these changes, since it’ll be a labor and cost savings, but finances are so tight right now I won’t be able to include any price reductions either unfortunately.

So, here’s a list of what’s running short and upcoming changes….

Williams 6/7 digit bench displays – 10 PCB’s left: These will be getting a major SMT parts conversion for all IC’s, will be a HUGE labor saver. Also adding the much-requested mounting holes in the corners.

Solenoid / Special solenoid testers = 67 PCB’s left: Minor redesign to make the test points SMT parts, possibly the resistors too. Decent labor savings there. Adding fiducials for placement machines.

Drop Target Sliders – 24 PCB’s left: Minor change to a silkscreen error, adding fidicuals for placement machines.

Switch matrix tester 11 PCB’s left: Changing the buttons and diodes to surface mount, and the WPC24 jumper to a DIP switch, all SMT. HUGE labor saver. May add some mounting holes too on these. So glad I am DONE assembling the first run on these, the tactile buttons were such as major pain in the ass.

The Part Numbers Are Out Of Control!!!!!

I knew this day was coming, and it’s not too terrible yet, but I’ve kinda lost control of my part numbering sequence for products. Between computer failures, changes in how I keep track of documents, and various other self-inflicted issues, I really need to get my part numbers back into some version of order.

For most products you won’t see any changes, and most of you don’t go by part numbers anyway, but a couple part numbers may need to be changed in order to get the system back under control. I’ve been building up BOM’s for each product, or at least the vast majority of them, and also am working on a master sheet to control all the part numbers. It won’t be overnight that I get things back under control but it’ll be happening sooner rather than later.