Teaser on the new bench displays

A bit of a teaser photo here of the new bench displays.  Actual PCB’s will be here Monday and I can start testing the dedicated PCB version.   Notice what’s missing?  7-segment displays, and a lot of circuitry.

Yep, I’m moving to a micro-controller based version, and the code developer I worked with really came up with a slick method to do it.  This will an OLED display, giving you the full set of score displays, in a very easy to read package.

Initial support will be for Williams 6 and 7 digit displays.   Easy to select, no more dip-switches and moving wire headers, just a single pushbutton to select between modes.  Code updates are planned for other manufacturers too,  and I’ll roll out an upgrade plan too so you don’t miss anything by buying early.

In fact, I think I’ll start up a page now for the shopping cart as a ‘coming soon’


Further ‘Return To Business’ updates.

At this point, I can solidly say that business is returning to normal. Customer orders, both direct and re-seller, are processing through. Still a bit slower than I’d like though but I don’t have any more long-sitting orders. So on that note, I’ve just updated quantities to show ALMOST everything available for order right now. With two exceptions.

1. Gottlieb System 1 EPROM adapters. Technically these are in-house and I can sell at any time. However Astill Entertainment (pinballrom.com) was the driving force behind the re-release, and it’s only fair they get their shipment first. Once they have their order I’ll release for general sale.

2. Bench Score Displays. I finally sold out of the original version on these, and customers have been begging for more ever since. As I mentioned before, I had lost the original design files on these so a re-design was needed. I think you’ll like the changes both current and future planned. I’ll be announcing more on this next week once pre-production boards arrive. This release will be a complete game changer for me.

Now, some exciting in-development news too. I’ve long wanted to handle an LED adapter set for Gameplan pinball machines too, but the connector layout just didn’t make it feasible. So I am working on a full replacement LDU-2 board that is LED compatible. If this is successful I am considering an entire lineup of Gameplan stuff to go with it. Next on the potential list would be the SDU-1 solenoid board. Again, more details to come in the next couple weeks.

Back in business and re-run coming of an old favorite

Ok, time is short, so I’ll make this brief.

I’m back in business after the big move. Buried, again, under orders and struggling to get caught up again. Plenty of parts are enroute to start getting me back on track and I’m doing the best I can to get the backordered stuff shipped out.

That being said, due to the requests of a good customer, an old favorite will be returning. I’ve got a fresh batch of PCB’s on the way for the Gottlieb System 1 EPROM adapters. These are a revised version, with more robust traces, and a better offset to the sockets to improve assembly. Pricing and availability will be announced as soon as I have the revised numbers. It’s been a few years since I did a pricing evaluation on these so who knows where it’ll end up, particularly with the new clamshell packaging that I’ve been using.