Going to a show has never been so much work

Good News, MGC 2018 is in less than a week. Better news, due to a last minute push I may actually be ready for it too.
Either way, I’ll be there this year, in the gaming hall, with my regular items PLUS the traditional “table ‘o crap” that I don’t want to take home.
Come and vist, check out a couple new and coming-soon prototypes!

I know you’ve heard this broken record before, but it’s been a real struggle at times to have any inventory on-hand for shipping. I used to ship most orders same-day, because I had built inventory ready to go. These days it seems I can rarely go to the shelves and just pack an order. Almost everything now isn’t getting built till AFTER it’s been paid for. Business has been that brisk. So it was a real struggle to find time to actually get building ahead and have enough on-hand inventory for the show. Honestly, I’m still only 90% of the way there, but it should be easy to get along that last little push.

THEN things really went sour in a good way, when I received my largest re-seller order to date. Two big boxes full of LED adapter sets. Not quite a solid week of building, but it wasn’t a minor thing to drop in at the last moment. All while retail orders keep rolling in like clockwork. At least, for the moment, I’m all caught up. Everything is boxed, and either has postage or will have postage on it shortly.