Teaser on the new bench displays

A bit of a teaser photo here of the new bench displays.  Actual PCB’s will be here Monday and I can start testing the dedicated PCB version.   Notice what’s missing?  7-segment displays, and a lot of circuitry.

Yep, I’m moving to a micro-controller based version, and the code developer I worked with really came up with a slick method to do it.  This will an OLED display, giving you the full set of score displays, in a very easy to read package.

Initial support will be for Williams 6 and 7 digit displays.   Easy to select, no more dip-switches and moving wire headers, just a single pushbutton to select between modes.  Code updates are planned for other manufacturers too,  and I’ll roll out an upgrade plan too so you don’t miss anything by buying early.

In fact, I think I’ll start up a page now for the shopping cart as a ‘coming soon’