Business Status Update

I know, half of you just checked out, another business status update.   But hey, it’s been a crazy two months here, and I have the feeling things are going to get even nuttier.   Short version,  I’m doing the best I can to kick orders out the door, but don’t be surprised if it takes a few days before you get a shipping notice.

So the big new is that I released the first batch of the bench displays up for sale.  I only had 10 pieces,  but the first style took probably two months to sell that many units, so I thought I was safe.   This time around it took about 18 hours to sell all 10.   Um, whoops.  The good news is that all 10 units are built, tested, and ready to package.  I’m just waiting on anti-static baggies and some connectors to get them all finished up.  Some are shipping tomorrow morning, the rest by Wednesday.

PCB’s for another hundred pieces are on order,  I’m working on a batch of OLED’s via a couple of sources to get good pricing, and the rest of the parts are all standard stuff that I can get in 3 business days.   So while I’m temporarily out of stock I can say these are a regular product now.   When they’re available for sale again all depends on when the OLED’s can get here.

I’ve also worked on my infrastructure a bit over the past two months.   Behind the scenes I added about $400 in software, and a few hundred on a new printer.  Part of that is financial software, and the other part is a new PCB design suite that so far is a big improvement on the freeware system I had been using previously.  Business keeps growing so I need to keep evolving it to keep up from an efficiency standpoint.  The printer will be nice for you guys, since the old one only printed in medium grey,  this one actually prints black.   Plus color, and double sided.  Saves me a LOT of time.

There’s a bunch of PCB’s that I’m running low on and will have to re-order soon.   Nothing critical right now, just don’t be surprised if a few testers are ‘out of stock’ here and there.   This summer caused a big hiccup in things, and with how crazy it’s been these past two months it’s getting trickier to maintain parts inventory.