HUGE day for the business, in a good way.

Ok, one big piece of news, and one massively huge piece of news.

First big news piece,  the regular production of the new bench displays has begun.  No more prototypes, early production, or any of that.  We’re talking full-blown ready to go units in production numbers.    They’ll go live again on the site shortly.

Second news, and this is huge.   We’re talking massive shift for the company here,  biggest news I’ve ever had.   I just ordered a brand new pick and place machine.   This has been the gate preventing me from doing more complex boards,  and I’ve been working up to this moment for a couple years now with the gradual shift to surface mount testers.

This machine is going to let me make MUCH more complicated boards, with more speed and precision, than I could ever reliably build by hand.  This un-corks a lot of the dream designs that I’ve wanted to look into but couldn’t due to the cost and labor intensive build methods available to me.   An example is the gameplan LDU-1/2 replacement.    I couldn’t do that before, in a production manner, but now I’ll be able to.

2018 is going to be a good year.