Some Basic Housekeeping on the site

Well, I finally figured out WHERE and WHY I’ve always had problems with shipping to Australia via my shopping cart.  The default section for entering Australian addresses is completely screwed up.   None of the localization data is complete,  none of the States or Territories were input at all,  and all sorts of issues.  So I’ve been working this morning to get this all fixed,  as I ship to Australia a surprising amount of the time. So, my Australian friends,  I hope the process has become easier for you now.  If any problems persist please let me know.

Also had an issue today with shipping to New Zealand,  which of course completely unrelated both politically and also in my website.  This was an odd error a customer received about a package being too heavy to ship.  This one has/had me confused but I believe it to be fixed now.

Another thing becoming apparent to me right now is how out of date a lot of product info is on the site.  That will be a bigger project but when (if) I have time, I’ll have to go through every product page to update descriptions and photos.   That will take a bit longer.