Say goodbye to an old trusted vendor – a problem too far.

Well, good news, the pick and place machine is here and is running.
I’ve even made a few sets of aux adapter kits on it already.
Yep, this thing is going to be a bucket of awesome for me.

But man, what a chore it turned out to be, in regards to ancillary equipment.
Let’s back up a bit to explain, shall we?

To keep things in the realm of affordable, in providing a sub $5k pick and place with vision, they manufacturers made a sensible decision to offload most of the processing to an external PC. This external PC is NOT provided, you have to supply. Not a huge deal and makes sense. Doesn’t require anything fancy either. All the software fits, and runs from, the provided thumb drive. Really as long as there’s a single open USB port and a dedicated ethernet port, you’re in good shape.

So, I went to my trusted supplier for inexpensive PC stuff and ordered a factory refurbished mini-desktop and refurbished monitor. Well, things are really slipping at NewEgg these days. I know I ordered during the holiday rush but it was 5 business days before I got a shipping notice, and it was all coming via ground. Thank goodness for holiday shipping schedules or I’d probably be waiting another few days. But hey, I got a good deal, no worries.

Except the deal wasn’t so good. The refurbished monitor may work, but it looks beaten to hell. The PC also looks used, but not as bad, at least it came with a brand new keyboard and mouse. What the PC didn’t do however, was function. More correctly it intermittently crashed and gave me BIOS beeps to tell me it was a RAM/Motherboard problem. After some diagnosis I narrowed it down to half the RAM being dead. Talking with customer service my options are to send the PC back for an exchange (about 10-15 days process), send it back for a refund (10-15 days process), or send it to the refurbishing company for repair (10-15 days MINIMUM). So, in summary, I received beat to hell and only partially functional equipment. ANY kind of resolution for me will be time consuming and frustrating. All this on top of, by modern standards, abysmally slow shipping for in-stock items.

So what did I end up doing? Found a better deal at Amazon, which will be here much faster, and once it all arrives I’m shipping back the NewEgg system via the RMA’s that I’m sitting on. I’m also going to cross NewEgg off my list of companies to deal with. Their shipping used to be pretty quick and the deals were great. Now the deals are average (on new items), their refurbs can’t be trusted, and service is abysmal. I’m done. No regrets.