Cleaning up the website a bit

Ok, the store is getting cluttered. I need to clean it. Too many categories in there which is driving me nuts. It’s also making it sloppy when I wanted to add yet another category. So I’ve condensed everything down into 3 categories. Pinball Diagnostics, Accessories, and Arduino. I’ll discuss that last category in more detail within a future post. Lets just say, yeah, I’m planning to dip my toes into a new market. Because of this I’ve actually taken the 9v battery connectors off clearance, which is why that category went bye-bye.

Also, I’ve discontinued a few items and removed them from the website. The old style solenoid and special solenoid testers have been removed, don’t worry though, the current style is still up and available for sale. Just that I’m getting rid of the older, inactive, part number. Same with the older style bench displays. Again, the current one is all you’ll be seeing.

However, I did eliminate some other things too. Most of the stickers are gone. Nobody ever bought them anyway, so I don’t think they’ll be missed. I will be keeping the AFM/RFM decals live, however, as I do occasionally sell a set. Probably won’t see any new additions to that lineup. I’ve also eliminated all the 3D printed items as well. Sales were low, and they are abysmal in regards to profit compared to effort. Sorry, guys.

All part of cleaning up the viewing experience for my customers, avoiding confusion, and getting ready for the next phase in the company.