Holy crap, it’s been a year.

Well, let’s keep this brief as an update, since it’s a rare moment I have to do one, and there is a lot of other things to do.

Update #1:
Dear lord, this year has been busy. I’ve long-past blown through my annual gross sales goal. There’s still two months left in the year. That’s, to be mildly, a bit wild. It’s also left me less time than I’d like to handle certain things. Keeping inventory levels under control has been, well, impossible. But I am going through a brief lull right now, and trying to rectify that. I’m also trying to get some work done on half-done prototypes and other things. But man it’s hard to find breathing space these days.

Update #2:
The 3D printer is dead, long live the 3D printer. My Rostock Max has been giving me far too many issues, and taking up a lot more money and time to get useful product out of it. So it’s been replaced with a fancy new Prusa i3 Mk3. The state of 3D printing in the past 5 years has come a long way, and the current technology is much better. So I’ll be bringing back the 3D printed lineup at some point here shortly.

Update #3:
Stickers. Nobody was buying any. So other than the AFM/RFM saucers decals I’m advertising on Pinside, the sticker lineup is discontinued. I don’t see it coming back.

Update #4:
Prototyping. Some Gottlieb System 3 stuff coming down the pipe, and finally at the live testing stage. Probably toward the end of the year, it won’t be ready for the holidays.

So, I’ll keep doing the best I can to keep up with things. Bear with me as I get through this latest growth spurt.