Drop Target Sliders Sold Out

The last of the original run on drop target slider boards has now been sold. For the time being, please visit Marco Specialties to order them, I sent a fair sized shipment to there in March. I do plan on having more made, I just don’t know when in the project list this is going to be.

Now selling bare tester boards

Due to popular demand, and having more shopping cart space available now as well, I’ve decided to make the bare boards for most of my testers available as separate pieces. The only ones I did not make available were the bench display unit and flipper opto tester. The bench display is a more complex unit and has some pretty specific part requirements with the LED blocks used, and the flipper opto tester also has that specific 9v battery holder on it. That, and I have to clear out some inventory on them as well.

There are a couple requirements that come along with these. First is that I don’t provide much by way of support. I’ll probably put some parts lists on the product pages, but no assembly instructions will be provided, nor any additional support outside what I already have for the regular assembled testers. There are also no returns or exchanges on these.

So look for the new ‘bare boards’ section in the storefront, and pick up some deals if you feel technically inclined.

Website is now ‘live’

After a long week, I think we can consider the new website to be live and running finally. The new blog is, obviously, running fine. The new shopping cart has reached an acceptable level of setup, if not 10% perfect yet. E-mail is running stable. So I declare the store to be open and running! Links on the main site page at www.siegecraft.us have been updated accordingly. So the main entry page looks very similar to what it was, but the storefront will be very different.

Then, I need to celebrate, so it’s time for a sale!
From now till July 1st, $15 off bench displays, $3 off flipper opto board testers, and 50% off 9v battery leads (new to the store too.)

It’s been a slow month due to all these website issues, so I can hopefully put this all behind me and get back to paying down debt and putting money toward new product and tooling. I have a long list of product ideas, and am looking at a few basic 3D printers as well. At least I can get back to finishing up older projects too and continuing the cleaning and streamlining of the shop. Did I mention I’ve been working on the wave solder machine again?

I’m also adding a number of smaller items to the shopping cart software as well. I do have a large number of molex connectors and pins on-hand for my existing product line, as well as other little parts that tend to sit around in large numbers. The new system is easy enough to use that I have no reason not to add these into my product listings. Pricing will not be the cheapest on the market, but still will be in a fair range. I’m not really looking to get into the small parts market on any significant scale.

Shopping cart in progress

Learning new software is rarely fun, particularly when in a hurry, but I am making rapid strides on the shopping cart. As I mentioned, it will be a very different look and feel than the current system, and will be almost a complete redesign of the website. So I hope you aren’t offended that I am trying not to rush too much on this. There’s a few stages to this that I need to handle, so here’s where I will put the updates as I go. I’ve decided to handle these in a certain sequence so that it prevents any accidental orders by customers before the site is ready, but once products start hitting the storefront, it will be fine to start placing orders even if not all products are uploaded just yet.

Shipping rates and methods will remain the same. Payment will still be handled via paypal as before. I will be adding a large number of small items to the site, since I won’t have that annoying 15 product limit from the old website. So I will actually be making available the bare boards for most, if not all, products I sell. Same with lots of connector housings and pins, things like that.

1: Choose and Install Software – Complete – Not much to report

2: Configure the basic theme – 80% – Basic image structure is looking ok, had a new issue pop up, but not a concern to stop me from going live.

3: Configure the payment processing and shipping – 90% – Have the shipping issues worked out, now just to deal with charging sales tax when appropriate. I have so few SD and WI sales, that I may just go live before fixing this completely.

4: Import photos and configure products – 100% – Starting to add products, picking up speed. Fixed a big issue with prices not showing correctly.

5: Link technical instructions from old pages to the new cart info pages – 0%

First post of the new era blog


Welcome to the new “Siege Blog”, home of news updates and random ramblings from Siegecraft Electronics.

Yes, I used to have a blog.  It was a long running blog, nearing 500 posts since 2009 and covered many, many topics.  Then I got frustrated with my website in many ways, and decided to transfer it to a new host. I have decided to start a new blog, do a new shopping cart, and a massive streamlining of the website as a whole. It had become too broad in nature. Many areas were neglected and forgotten, some of them completely broken. Much of it distracted myself and my readers from the core content that had formed around my business. So now I am declaring that the newly created blog is active, the website is active, and I can get along with doing the remainder of the hard work to get it running again.

Now that the blog is running, and I can start getting to work on the shopping cart, so that I can properly start selling to my wonderful customers again. I thank you greatly for being so patient during this unexpected upheaval. I hadn’t planned for any of this, but it was necessary in the long run to just get on with it and fix all the broken stuff. When the cart goes live again it will be a completely different format than before. I am for a more professional feel to the website, and more readable formats. I hope you like the changes as they occur.

I do apologize for removing all the great technical info that the old blog contained. This is only temporary, to be honest, as I did back it all up on my PC before deleting it from the website. So the technical pages will be eventually re-introduced in one form or another. It’s going to be a lot of work on this end, but I aim for a much more user friendly end result.

Expect a bunch more website status updates for a while, before I get back to doing the fun stuff that brought me all you great readers. But it is coming, I have a lot of great things to share soon.